The shortest distance between your project and success.

Welcome to DMI. Founded in 1996, our agency is distinguished by its long and stable relationships and a track record of delivering high-impact solutions at high speed.

We’ve been around long enough to know what works and what doesn’t, and how to move each project straight to goal utilizing the absolute minimum overhead. The key tools in our box: pragmatic strategies, targeted tactics, penetrating creative, and an opportunistic use of both traditional and new media. Furthermore, we present our clients with a fresh perspective, which at times has led to another level of service: consultation on management issues and conflict resolution. Most importantly, we listen. Then we assess all aspects of your situation, and devise and execute the best plan to achieve your objective.

DMI is a General Services Administration contract holder.

Our GSA contract award authorizes us to offer DMI’s expertise—in advertising, marketing, video and film production, public relations, and graphic design—to U.S. Government agencies.